Het Beeldende Kunstjournaal (The Visual Arts Journal) is an independent bimonthly magazine on the Internet with news, articles and opinions on the visual arts. Het Beeldende Kunstjournaal is free of advertisements and is produced entirely by volunteers.

Het Beeldende Kunstjournaal strives to inform its readers cledarly on current events in the visual arts. Besides reviews of major exhibitions in national as well as regional museums, special subjects are discussed that have not been in focus very often and touch on related disciplines, such as philosophy, literature and history.

In each issue an interesting visual artist is discussed in the 'artist's portrait'. In addition, the magazine features an extensive news section, an informative book review page and an up-to-date arts calendar.

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Previous editions (last 6 months) could be found in our 'archive' column.


Het Beeldende Kunstjournaal
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